The Fabric of Our Family

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this: living in a community that is tight-knit and caring, like a family. With residents who altruistically care about one another. Envision in one corner of the clubhouse, a new resident who has been befriended by existing residents and she feels welcomed. In the other corner of the clubhouse, picture a resident happily hugging another because one has just come back from a long cruise and is glad to be home. While in the next corner, there is a group of residents sharing stories of past travels and chuckling. And last but not least, picture a group of residents, sitting around a table, having a nice cup of coffee and planning out their day together. This is the community you live in…this is our Carefree Family. I’ve written many articles before to talk about how much pride I take in my residents and my communities. You, the residents, make up the fabric of this family.
This fabric is not just one color nor one texture but a compilation of many different colors and a variety of textures. This fabric is what makes our family interesting and diverse. Every one of my residents make up a piece of this fabric and no one is excluded or should ever feel excluded. You are ALL my Carefree family and I am grateful you have chosen to live at Carefree.
So please, be kind towards one another. Everyone who lives at our community deserves to live here and I need you all to extend your kindness and friendliness to all, not just to a few. Don’t be intimidated to make new friends or get to know each other better. You may find you have more things in common than you originally thought. Take the time to understand each other’s life experiences or backgrounds. You have all come from different places but somehow, you are now here at Carefree. So embrace it, enjoy each other’s company, and always remember the Golden Rule, which is, “Treat others in the same manner you wish to be treated.”
Our Carefree fabric is special so please preserve it and respect its uniqueness. Thank you.

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