Living Independently

So many of my senior friends are concerned about living independently in their own home. They don’t want to be a burden on their family and they don’t want to move. I know that the same is true for many of my Carefree family. Not only is remaining independent a concern, but also remaining near to their friends and the cost of additional services.

Let me tell you about my friend Angie and how she has been able to remain independent. Angie has had a number of health issues over the years but in spite of them she is still very active for an 86 year old. Through Medicare she found she is eligible to have a home health nurse come to her home to do her monthly blood tests and check on her general health. And although she still likes seeing her heart specialist, she has found a primary care doctor that makes house calls. Recently she had a physical therapist work with her at home to improve her balance. Most weeks she takes the community bus to the pharmacy and grocery store, but when she is not up to it she has the grocery and pharmacy deliver to her. To give her children piece of mind, Angie has a medical alert button she can use in case of an emergency if she cannot reach the telephone. Angie also has a housekeeper come twice a month to help with laundry and cleaning. She still prefers doing her own cooking, because in her words “No one cooks as good as me!” Angie lives a modest lifestyle, but by using her social security and retirement wisely she is able to remain independent.

It is important to me to support the Carefree residents to remain independent as long as possible. I can only imagine the fear of having to leave your home at Carefree for an institutional environment with little room for your personal belongings, not to mention the high cost of such facilities. In addition to services like Angie uses, there are many other services available. Home health care companies offer nurses, therapists and aides depending on your need. Some also offer assistance with cooking, cleaning, and monitoring prescriptions. There is also new technology available with monitors and sensors that help seniors live independently. It is important to do your homework and screen the company and the caregiver carefully to make sure they are qualified for the job and approved by Medicare. Check with Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration or your insurance carrier to learn what home care services they will pay for. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are many solutions available today allowing seniors to live a healthy, active and independent life. I look forward to seeing you at Carefree for many years to come! LOOK INSIDE FOR A LIST OF HOME HEALTH CARE RESOURCES.

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