A Carefree Love Story

The whimsical story below is based on an actual couple who met at our Carefree community. They have been dating for some time now. This happens at Carefree more than you know. I can’t tell you the number of stories I have heard similar to this! I am thrilled to hear great stories like this and so many others like it…knowing that our community helped connect good people, who are now happily dating or married. Believe it or not, Cupid does visit Carefree, and he visits often, so be ready: good things like love, friendship, and companionship can happen when you least expect it, especially at a Carefree!
Once upon a Carefree, there lived a man named Bill who came to Las Vegas in 2009. Upon arriving Bill moved into Sun City Aliante. He found the community very limited when it came to activities for singles. It had a very couples-driven activities program. In April of 2012 he decided to move to Carefree at the Willows. At Carefree he found more of the activities and lifestyle he was looking for! He was able to establish friendships and enjoy his community more as the activities program provides a great balance for couple’s and single’s activities.
One morning in the Carefree Clubhouse, while toasting a bagel in the kitchen, Bill met a woman named Beverly, and they struck up a casual conversation. After a few moments he suggested they share breakfast together to get better acquainted. Breakfast was fun and relaxed, like so many of our activities at Carefree. As they parted ways that day he suggested they go out to dinner sometime…this happened the following Sunday. Beverly and Bill have been dating ever since!
We have had many couples meet at Carefree and even get married at Carefree! Living the Carefree lifestyle is about more than just playing Bingo once in a while or having coffee here and there in the Clubhouse. You can make lasting friendships, establish romantic relationships, should you so choose, and more. That is the difference between a lifestyle where you can build social circles vs. simply having random activities programs. You can’t be lonely here at Carefree. Get out there. Enjoy yourself and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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