You ARE Carefree

Living at Carefree is a unique experience, partly because my staff and I have worked tirelessly throughout the years to give each resident the best possible service and to provide a safe and enjoyable environment to live in. The other part of it is because of you all – the residents. You, the residents, make Carefree so distinctly different than any other community and truly raise the bar of what it is like to live in the top echelon of a strong and wonderful community. Many of you volunteer your time to help keep Carefree running like a well- oiled machine. Your commitment and dedication is admirable and infectious to all and I am truly grateful!

This year, I hope to see new faces alongside familiar faces that will donate some time to volunteer and help build Carefree to become an even stronger community than before. I am certain we will get there. After all…you are the ambassadors of Carefree and share your stories with others. You are the one who greets and befriends new residents and introduces them into the community. You are the one who helps out the office by answering calls, mailing out packets, and assisting in whatever needs to be done. You are the water aerobics instructor, the trolley driver, and the leader of the exercise programs. You help prepare the food, help set-up the drinks for happy hour, and plat seeds in the garden. You run the book clubs and the Wii bowling leagues. You show others how to use various programs on the computer or how to play Bocci ball. You participate in the parties, the bake sales, the line dancing, and the singing of karaoke. You lend out a helping hand to whoever needs it. You are generous and kind. You care about others and you care about your community.

You, my dear Residents…You ARE Carefree

I’m looking forward to a magnificent year of working together and making our community outstanding!

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