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Henry & Dorothy I.

Henry and Dorothy met each other in London where they both lived and worked. This was after the end of World War II, during which Henry served five years in the Royal Navy and the Parachute Regiment. He was in action on D-Day and later in the Middle East, India, Malaya, Singapore and Java.

Meanwhile Dorothy, who was an aircraft instrument and watch repairer, worked on military instruments and, in her spare time, volunteered with the Ambulance Service.

They were married in 1949, and were sent by the British government to Uganda, East Africa in 1956, where they worked for ten years. In 1967 they were assigned to the Caribbean for two years.

Upon completion of their contract they decided to tour in the United States (having been there on Government service). A camper was purchased and later was upgraded to an RV Trailer, and much of the country was visited.

They lived in Florida for 35 years and, after retirement, traveled to many parts of the world. In January, 2004 a move to Las Vegas ensued.

In August, 2011 they moved into Carefree Willows, which proved to be a good decision as the complex, staff and residents have helped to make life enjoyable.