Real People ... Real Stories

Diamond Brothers

Whether it's the dance floor, karaoke, or just hanging out with new friends, Steve and Neil Diamond have made an impression at Carefree. They grew up in Southern California. Steve was born in 1950 in Hollywood on Pearl Harbor Day and Neil was born four years later on Veteran's Day. Growing up in Los Angeles in the 1950's and 1960's was dreamlike: non-congested freeways, open land, orchards, clean air, and a real positive spirit.
Their father was a child of the Great Depression and fought in World War II and Korea. After his service to the country he continued to serve the people as policeman, assigned to the Hollywood Division, in the 50's and 60's. He was always relaying stories, "Last night we checked for prowlers at Marilyn Monroe's house."...or "That Howard Hughes still doesn't have a driver's license." As Steve recalls, "Dads stories were always entertaining - we really had the inside scoop."
Steve left Los Angeles in 1971 and lived in the Bay Area for 30 years. He earned degrees from San Francisco State University and Santa Clara University Law School. After passing the California Bar Exam, Steve practiced bankruptcy law--in a private law firm, the Federal Government, and finally on his own.  Steve returned to LA in 2000, but vowed that he would one day return to Northern California. After 12 years, he is thrilled to be back and, thoroughly, enjoys life at Carefree. "We lucked out. Carefree is more than we hoped for." Steve often plays piano in the clubhouse during breakfast. He also plays guitar for a folk/pop sing-a-long group here at Carefree. "There is a lot of musical talent here. It's fun to discover such gifted people."
Neil is new to Northern California and has fully embraced Sacramento. He sings karaoke at Happy Hour and locally at the Tokyo Sushi Bar. He has also joined a bowling league and has made new friends at Carefree and beyond. Neil has become a big fan of local sports teams and frequently attends River Cats baseball and Sacramento State sporting events. He can also be seen on his daily walk along Natomas Blvd. Neil was hired by the State during the first Brown administration (1977), and retired during the second Brown administration (2011). He retired after 34 years in the mailroom. Steve said that the State almost came to a stand still when they had Neil's retirement party. Everybody from the State was there!! Although Neil misses his old friends and co-workers, he is very pleased with his new life at Carefree.
The Diamond brothers send best wishes to all their fellow residents!!!