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Celia B.

Celia was born in Little Falls, Minnesota, but moved to Duluth, Minnesota at the age of 3 after her parents divorced. Her mother was a kind, interesting woman who was born in Romania and learned to ice skate as a young girl, which she passed on to Celia, who learned to skate at the age of 3½. Celia became a speed skater as she grew up. She was as fast as the wind and won a lot of races.

Celia was married at a young age and was married for 38 years. Her son, Steven, and daughter-in-law, Jane, are both lawyers in Minnesota. Her children are very active in animal rights and have a few animals themselves, including a horse named Max. Celia had one brother, who was a lawyer and a retired judge.

Celia moved from Minnesota to Las Vegas 9 years ago, as the cold was becoming too much for her. She sold her home in Summerlin 1½ years ago and found Carefree Willows, where she has met many friends. Her friends have given her the name “Ce Ce”.

Celia loves animals and recently adopted an 18 pound, blue eyed, beautiful Himalayan cat named Tiger, which you may have seen at our Howl-A-Ween parties. Tiger is a rescue cat. She also has another cat named Precious who is 10 years old.

Celia’s hobby is playing the accordion, which she has been playing since the age of 12, and has played at Christmas parties at Wells Fargo bank, many places in Minnesota, and at Carefree Willows. Celia also enjoys fashion, and has done a lot of modeling.

Celia loves living at Carefree Willows, where she helps set up the tables for the Friday night parties. Celia says moving to Carefree Willows was a very good move.